Harpeth Christian Church Camp Information

Harpeth Christian Church Camp Information

Infinity Sports is very excited about partnering again with Harpeth Christian Church for the 4th year in a row! We are confident the Lord is going to plant seeds in the lives of the campers and we hope you will see your child grow spiritually and physically throughout the week.
Bible Study
This year’s theme is “Game Changers.” While learning about different “Game Changers” in the Bible, campers will also learn how Jesus is the ultimate Game Changer and how they can be Game Changers because of Christ. The theme verse for the week is Romans 5:8 which says, “But God shows His own love to us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us.”  During the week, ask you child about Esther (Monday), Elijah (Tuesday), Nicodemus (Wednesday), Jesus and the Disciples (Thursday) and have them explain what they learned on Friday.
Sport Time

We use the platform of sports to nurture and transform players both physically and spiritually through  life-changing messages.  This is accomplished in Sport Time and  Bible Study.  Sports offers a unique platform in which it allows young athletes to flourish through instruction that is both about sports and life.  So much can be learned through sports with the presentation of the right messages.
According to Joe Erhmann in his book “InsideOut Coaching,” sports is “co-curricular” in that it has the potential to develop the academic, social, emotional, moral, and civic competency of every player.  I will add “spiritual” as well.  We look forward to guiding your child this week.


Items that will be available for sale on Friday include:

  • Previous year’s Camper Shirt = $1
  • Wrist Bands with Carabiner = $1
  • Justin Graves CD = $2 (several songs sung in worship)
  • Drawstring Backpack = $5
  • Previous Year’s Staff Shirts = $5
  • 2017 Blue Camper Shirt = $7
  • Hats = $10
  • Polos = $10
Facebook Page

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Parent Celebration

End of the week Parent/Camper Celebration will take place on Friday at 3:30 PM. 

2017 Infinity Sports Team

This year we have 8 staff members with 3 returnees (Ashley, Kelly, Ashlyn) 3 new staff (Becca, Sarah, Brock) and 2 Go Now Missionaries (Connor & Hope) from Texas and Ashley is a former Go Now Missionary and the first to work a second summer and third summer.

Ashley2See the rest of the staff testimonies and more staff pics HERE.