Game Changers

This is a testimony of  a former camper that attended a camp I coordinated prior to coordinating camps with Infinity Sports.  The staff on this team were Game Changers and now the person in this story is a Game Changer for Christ as he became a believer and later became Pastor of Crosspoint Church (named after Crosspoint, the name of the Sports Camp he attended).

My Story: I did not have a good childhood. At a young age I saw what violence and Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.10.03 PMdrinking can do to devastate lives. Many fights and arguments happened under the influence of strong drink around my house. I did not know the security of peace as a child growing up around such unrest. I felt alone and afraid. I wondered if I could ever know what peace and joy was like. My family just tried to run from the problems or drink them away. I would look for opportunities to run to my friends house and escape the mess at my house. When I was an early teen I was invited to participate in a sports camp called Crosspoint in our small town. I enjoyed going with my friends and playing sports. The leaders of the camp told us that Jesus had changed their life and that he could change mine also. They told me that He loved me no matter what has happened in my life. I realized that I had sinned against God and needed His forgiveness. They shared the good news about Jesus and how He could give me a new life and a fresh start. I surrendered my broken life to Jesus that day and He changed me, forgave me, and gave me joy and the peace that I was searching for. I still had a family with major problems, but I knew that I was not alone anymore and I had peace no matter what problems life could bring. I now have the security of this new life in Jesus and it is my joy to share that same life changing message with you!

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If Jesus has changed your life, consider sharing your story with others as well, and see what God can do!   John Boss