Junior Coaches

Positions Available
  1. Sports Assistant
  2. Photographer / Videographer

Positions are for 3-8 weeks depending upon availability.


Sports Assistant:  This position is available for a high school student to be trained in sports ministry. Each Junior Coach will travel with a stateside sports team and learn how to coach effectively, lead Bible studies, share sports analogies, lead in recreation, and learn how to put on a sports ministry event. One will go through extensive training, shadow a sports leader, and gradually be immersed into the teaching and leadership aspect of the sports camp.

Photographer / Videographer:  This person will capture all aspects of camp through video and pictures.  A video will be shown at the end of the week.  All pictures/videos will be stored in a computer file according to each week and according to their category (sports, worship, etc.)


We need 1-2 students. Open to male and female athletes.


One must cover the travel cost to get to training week.  Travel, room, and board will be covered during your period of service.  If a Junior Coach is equipped and qualified enough to teach their own sport time and lead a Storying session by themselves, they will be paid $100 per week.


Junior Coach must fill out an online form and submit a specific Junior Coach Application. Applicants will be selected based on prayer, one’s sports experiences, one’s experiences with children, references, how this experience might benefit one in the future, and a personal or phone interview. Call or email for more information.