Sports Intern
  • Assists with Photography/Videography
  • Teaches a Storying Session as needed
  • Assists with Sport Time as needed
Sports Teacher
  • Teaches a Sport Time
  • Teaches a Storying Session
  • Assists in areas of giftedness
Sports Coordinator
  • Leads Sports sessions at Training Week
  • Assists staff with Sport Time and Lesson Plans
  • Teaches a Sport Time
  • Teaches a Storying Session
  • Assists in areas of giftedness
Worship Coordinator
  • Leads Worship sessions at Training Week
  • Assists staff with Opening and Worship ideas
  • Teaches a Sport Time
  • Teaches a Storying Session
  • Assists in areas of giftedness
Assistant Director
  • Coordinates financial information
  • Leads out with Sales
  • Teaches a Sport Time
  • Teaches a Storying Session
  • Assists in areas of giftedness
  • Coordinates team responsibilities
  • Coordinates details with local church
  • Responsible for van details (maintenance, gas, cleaning)


Detailed description of what a staff person does throughout the summer


  • Growing relationship with Jesus Christ . .
  • A love for working with middle and elementary students . .
  • Sports experience which includes either or all of these:  playing experience, teaching experience, coaching experience.


  • Teach a Sport
  • Develop lesson plans (with assistance from Infinity Sports).
  • Revise as needed and change accordingly based on needs of campers.
  • Teach Storying (Bible Study which consists of sharing a Biblical story and asking questions that helps retell and learn the story)
  • Teach a Non-Sport Track.
  • Assist with with some the following responsibilities based on your skills, gifts, and/or interests:  Recreation, Camper Registration, Sound and video production, Worship production, Van/Trailer responsibilities, Staff skits that develop the Theme for each day, Closing Ceremonies


  • Opportunity to share your faith with multiple individuals.
  • Development of staff friendships with individuals from across the country.
  • Opportunity to travel to a variety of states.
  • Opportunity to enhance ministry skills by using sports as a tool to reach people for Christ.
  • Opportunity to become an Infinity Sports Trainer.
  • Train others through Infinity training events while conducting a mini sports camp.
  • Opportunity to assist Infinity Sports in promotional causes.
  • Travel to conferences to promote Infinity Sports.
  • Become a campus rep to help promote Infinity Sports.


  • Infinity Sports Travels to local churches around the country to conduct Sports Camps.
  • Training (held south of Nashville, TN) will begin Friday, May 25, 2018.
  • Camp ends Friday, July 20, 2018 (could change based on camp scheduling).
  • Staff will be housed either with families from the local church, in a mission house, or on the floor of a gymnasium (we provide air mattresses).
  • Staff will travel in a passenger van while pulling a trailer with camp/staff supplies.
  • Staff weekly schedule:
    1. Staff will arrive at the Church on Saturday afternoon . . unpack the trailer and head to where we will be staying.
    2. Attend Sunday church and complete camp planning for the week that afternoon.
    3. Conduct Camp from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday – Friday.
    4. Staff will pack up Friday afternoon and get ready to depart for next location on Saturday morning..