Sports Training

Infinity Sports Training

  • Do you need the tools to conduct a Sports Camp/Missions experience?

What Is It?

  • A training event that equips you, other adults and youth in learning how to put together a Sports Camp/Missions experience as a tool to reach people for Christ.

Training Options
#1:  Sunday – Friday training (5 1/2 days)

  • You will receive all the training activities listed plus an opportunity to put this into practice with campers.
  • Trainees will be asked to be monitored by the Trainers and conduct the camp from Wednesday-Friday.

#2:  Friday night and all day Saturday training.

  • You will receive an abbreviated version of of the training activities.
  • There will be no camp with campers.

You Receive

  • Hands on Training with campers (Option 1).
  • Training Manual.
  • Sport Time Drills and Lead-Up Games.
  • Sport Time Spiritual Analogies.
  • Storying sessions.
  • Sample Schedules.
  • Event Planning Chart.


  • We bring it to you.

You Provide

  • Training location.
  • Trainees.
  • Room & Board for staff of 1-2.
  • Campers for Monday-Friday afternoon camp (for Option 1).


  • Call or email us with a date.


  • $175 per person.